Dear Friend,

As a benchmark Laboratory in BioSafety, at SomVital we closely monitor the evolution of the covid-19 outbreak worldwide to apply the appropriate measures with three unique objectives:

1. Maintain the safety, legality and health of our employees, clients, suppliers and collaborators.
2. Maintain the availability of our BioSafety products and services for our clients.
3. Do not contribute to discomfort and disinformation, or take advantage of current circumstances to carry out speculative actions, or directly contrary to the ethical values ​​that govern our company and the society where we live.

Since the beginning of March, in addition to maximizing BioSecurity measures, the current situation has forced us to take other additional measures:

1. Visits of the Technical Service and Veterinary Service that are not considered urgent or priority for animals are postponed. The urgent ones are maintained, in coordination with the clients and maintaining maximum BioSecurity.

2. All national and international commercial visits are canceled.

3. Priority will be given to the production and availability of Biocidal Products for Livestock.

No one escapes us that the situation is fickle and that it involves adaptations from one day to the next. From SomVital we will try to meet the three objectives mentioned.

All SomVital employees are at your entire disposal.
A cordial greeting,

Juanjo Rasines, CEO Somvital