Once again, the organisation of the Social Responsibility Plan of Aragon, composed by Cepyme Aragon, CCOO Aragon, CEOE Aragon, UGT Aragon, Aragon development institute(IAF) and the Government of Aragon, has awarded the company SomVital with the RSA 2023 SEAL.

El mismo tiene el objetivo de promover la Responsabilidad Social Empresarial en los autónomos/as, empresas y todo tipo de organizaciones públicas y privadas de la Comunidad Autónoma de Aragón, para que implanten y apliquen prácticas socialmente responsables.

The Social Responsibility Plan has been created on the basis of several concepts that are emphasised with the participants: AWARENESS, COMMITMENT, TRAINING AND TRANSPARENCY. The RSA Plan aims to reach the largest possible number of self-employed, SMEs, large companies and non-profit organisations without excluding any group, disseminating the principles of Social Responsibility in such a way that they gradually permeate the business fabric of Aragon and training all participants in the face-to-face sessions that are compulsory to attend.

All participants make a commitment to the principles of SR by signing the commitment and filling in the questionnaire, which will be made public if they are recognised. This principle of transparency means that anyone can contact the RSA Board in the event that any irregularity is detected in the data provided by the organisations.

From SomVital we reinforce our commitment as a socially responsible company. Our purpose is to prevent through Biosecurity to fight against zoonoses, reduce the environmental impact and put a stop to the excess of medicines, specifically antibiotics, as it generates problems of resistance to them.