SomVital continues its commitment to reducing the use of antibiotics in animal production by reinforcing excellence in the manufacture of animal nutrition products with GMP+ certification.

For SomVital it is key to contribute our know-how and value in reducing the use of antibiotics in animal production. This under the premise of promoting and applying good practices in all links of food production of animal and plant origin and promote biosafety on farms to prevent infections by improving hygiene and animal welfare.

The R&D and Veterinary departments have developed a line of natural alternatives for animal nutrition whose main objective is to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal production.

These are complementary feeds for animal nutrition that help prevent digestive and stress-related problems, as well as improving the immune response.

They are alternatives to the use of antibiotics that meet the quality requirements of consumers, with proven effectiveness and profitability, and whose aim is to promote the increase of beneficial bacteria and reduce the presence of pathogenic bacteria.

GMP+ certification reinforces and promotes the manufacture of animal nutrition with maximum guarantees. It is a complete module with the necessary standards to ensure feed safety at all stages of the food chain.

The requirements of the GMP+ standard apply to producers and traders of components, feed, premixtures and additives, as well as transport, transhipment, cultivation and feeding on the farm:

-Integrates the manufacture and distribution of additives, premixtures and feed into a global food chain.

-Integrates HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) .

-Promotes the creation of codes of good practice in the food chain.