Somvital has obtained the certification of R & D + i management systems UNE 166002.
This certification recognizes the work of Somvital in the development of R & D & i policies, for the establishment of objectives in accordance with our activity, products and services as well as for the identification of emerging technologies or new technologies not applied in the sector, whose assimilation and subsequent transfer will provide the basis to generate projects, enhance our products, processes or services and improve our competitiveness.

The Certification of the R + D + i Management System allows companies to:

• Systematize their R + D + i activities and integrate them into the general management of the company.
• Plan, organize and control the R + D + i units, as well as the portfolio of products generated.
• Establish the interaction of R + D + i with other departments or divisions.
• Demonstrate the transparency of R & D & i activities.
• Provide added value of trust in the R & D & I activity of the company, improving its business image and competitiveness.
• Compatibility with other management systems.

This certificate joins the list of those already obtained by Somvital and that you can see in our quality section.