Since its beginnings, SomVital has been firmly committed to offer the highest possible quality in all its services, which is directly related to the quality and environmental policy of the company. Thus, guaranteeing this condition through certifications is a primary objective within the company.
In this way, for more than a decade, SomVital has been able to guarantee these qualities with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 seals through the Applus+ certification.

Both certifications are governed by the company’s commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and commitment to the environment. As such, they are among the most demanding certification processes.

Quality seals are distinctive marks that guarantee the quality of a product or service, so they are very useful tools for consumers who know that they are buying a good product

The scope of this recognition is based on two points:

  • Design, development and innovation, production and marketing of animal nutrition and biosecurity products for livestock, food industry and agriculture.
  • Design and development of diagnostic models for the control of hygienic and biosecurity conditions in livestock farms (SAIB – Integrated Biosecurity Assistance Service).

Following the audit, SomVital has certain strong points that stand out in terms of these quality certifications, such as:

  • The positive level of determination, control and monitoring of the organisation’s objectives in all processes.
  • The control and traceability system for stored products.
  • The involvement and competence of the staff assigned to the SAIB service.
  • The rigour in the evaluation of the different processes and especially legal compliance in the auditing process is valued as positive.
  • The resources available to carry out all the organisation’s activities.

Receiving this guarantee for another year is a motivation for the company to continue offering these levels of quality.